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goodness is the apple

So Nettie and I went to see Andrew for 4 days.

We had so much fun, got to eat Sushi, go to the beach, see Andrew at his workplace ^_- play Guitar Hero with his friend Ashley (I'm addicted to that game now o.o)

We had a really great time, I hated having to come back. Nettie and I want to move to Wilmington now What a beautiful place I was amazed.

I miss Andrew already, and he has to move soon T_T but at least he will be in touch.

I know I'm making this an extremely short post but I am tired after the trip and working all day...So I know we had a great time.

Also Andrew has me loving some Metalocalypse lol wish my computer was fast enough to watch them, oh well ^^

Well I will put more later when I feel better. bye bye.

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