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Ok so wow, I haven't posted since September. Goodness gracious.

Anyway. I didn't make it through massage class. Not for lack of trying though, I passed the massage part of it but that doesn't count unless I pass Anatomy and Physiology and I just happened to be in the lot that failed. Yeah like five people maybe out of twenty something made it through so what does that say about the teacher?

Anyway, I made a lot of good friends I love them and miss them dearly as we cannot see each other as much as we want. I miss all the friends I have too cause most of them live far away like Andrew and Ryan D:

Well, I've been working a lot and trying to get my financial situation more stable. You know, get my car in order and save up some money so that I can try massage again. Also I've been working on a comic that has been going for a bit XD well...the idea anyhow. Nettie made me a website and here it is. - yeah I feel a little lazy and don't feel like looking up how to make a link. ^^; Copy and paste is effective as well darlings. :D Tell me what you think, if anyone is keeping up with me anymore >_>

Thanks and bye bye. Jessi~<3
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