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Stuff [03 Jan 2010|03:40am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Plug your answer to each question into urbandictionary.com and then post some of the answers!

1. Your Name
jessica 3653 up, 1444 down love it hate it

buy jessica mugs, tshirts and magnets
a wonderful name that means "gracious gift from God"
dude that girl jessica totally move me.

Jess 180 up, 51 down love it hate it

buy jess mugs, tshirts and magnets
an extremely beautiful girl who is the nicest, funniest, and all around most awesome person ever
I wish i could hang out with Jess right now...

2. Your Age
24 752 up, 117 down love it hate it

buy 24 mugs, tshirts and magnets
24, The Jack Bauer Power Hour. The most entertainment you can stuff into a single day. Full of twists, turns, violence, and Elisha Cuthbert.
I had all kinds of work to do, but I decided to watch 24 instead.

3. Best Friends

Nettie 9 up, 16 down love it hate it

buy nettie mugs, tshirts and magnets
A person who conveniently and purposely leaves out letters in words so as so save time and/or space in their medium of contact (generally in text/SMS or instant messaging)
"Man, I really wish you wouldn't type like a nettie"
"im nt typn lyk a netty m8"

keith 533 up, 302 down love it hate it

buy keith mugs, tshirts and magnets
a sweet ass muther trucker lookin for a good time that is not afraid of anything. origin: 15th century Scotland
That dude is a huge keith.

4. Favorite Color

orange 720 up, 185 down love it hate it

buy orange mugs, tshirts and magnets
The colour which vain assholes turn after a session in the tanning salon; Often confused with Hepatitis.
"Hey, nice tan... in the middle of winter, you sick fucking pumpkin monster."

orange 353 up, 166 down love it hate it

buy orange mugs, tshirts and magnets
rhymes with door hinge
hey dumbass what rhymes with orange?

5. Month of your Birthday

SEPTEMBER 166 up, 35 down love it hate it

buy september mugs, tshirts and magnets

6. Last Person you talked to

Erika 249 up, 268 down love it hate it

buy erika mugs, tshirts and magnets
queen, a most high beautiful woman, none like her, a queen that stands out among all others smart, intelligent talented
dang that's an erika, a girl like no other girl

7. Last Thing you Ate

alfredo 36 up, 23 down love it hate it

buy alfredo mugs, tshirts and magnets
the snow white liquid that oozes out of your throbbing manhood when eating something that tastes incredible.
This steak is so good, I want to cover it with my alfredo.

8. Your Nickname

ducky 148 up, 20 down love it hate it

buy ducky mugs, tshirts and magnets
Meaning fine, OK, or alright.
Everything is ducky.

9. What you should be doing right now:

Sleeping 894 up, 535 down love it hate it

buy sleeping mugs, tshirts and magnets
To masturbate furiously in your room while praying that your grandma doesn't come in.
GET OUT GRANDMA! I was sleeping.
Those were sleeping noises grandma.

I hate yew.

Stuff...yeah. [11 Mar 2009|04:29pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Ok so wow, I haven't posted since September. Goodness gracious.

Anyway. I didn't make it through massage class. Not for lack of trying though, I passed the massage part of it but that doesn't count unless I pass Anatomy and Physiology and I just happened to be in the lot that failed. Yeah like five people maybe out of twenty something made it through so what does that say about the teacher?

Anyway, I made a lot of good friends I love them and miss them dearly as we cannot see each other as much as we want. I miss all the friends I have too cause most of them live far away like Andrew and Ryan D:

Well, I've been working a lot and trying to get my financial situation more stable. You know, get my car in order and save up some money so that I can try massage again. Also I've been working on a comic that has been going for a bit XD well...the idea anyhow. Nettie made me a website and here it is.

www.geocities.com/cravenmercy - yeah I feel a little lazy and don't feel like looking up how to make a link. ^^; Copy and paste is effective as well darlings. :D Tell me what you think, if anyone is keeping up with me anymore >_>

Thanks and bye bye. Jessi~<3

I hate yew.

Who I am aiming to be...>> haha [16 Sep 2008|04:48pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

So I have been in the massage program at school for about five weeks or more now, I have to say that I love it.

I have found out things about myself that I didn't know were there before, I've learn to come out of my box and accept who I am and that my personality is a beautiful thing.

We've also been doing Tai Chi as part of the curriculum, which is probably something that I will continue doing, as it will help with massage and because it makes me feel better...Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

I have also come to find that I need to learn to let things go, that not everyone is going to like me...I need to accept them for who they are and accept myself for who I am...the world cannot be changed with negative thoughts and feelings.

I need to learn to focus more on my own needs, not to a point that becomes selfish, but to a point that I am happy. Cause it used to be that I was putting so much of myself into doing things for others, that I never had time to take care of myself or what I needed...I never allowed myself time to take a breath and do what I wanted.

As well, I am learning how to take better care of my physical and mental well-being as a way to make it through.

Yeah, it's tough. But, this is something that I have wanted for so long, and it is something that I intend to finish...So, Huzzah! I am on my way!

I hate yew.

[17 Aug 2008|04:40pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I haven't really felt like posting anything as of late, but I suppose I will...for the sake of posting?

Well, it's been a bit since my cat Peyte passed on...I guess I haven't posted about it cause I feel like it is coming to terms with it? I had her since I was four years old, that cat was a big part of my life. So it really hurt my heart to see her go, it took all day for her to pass...She seemed like she suffered so much, but she wanted to wait to see all of my family...Because she saw me and my dad and I believe my brother that morning...She was waiting on Nettie and my mom. Because when she had some time to see mom, it was then that she came to terms with her death...

I sat next to her about all day telling that we would be all right, that we loved her and it was ok for her to pass on and not suffer anymore...I really hurt though...Seeing her finally go, she looked so scared when she was finally ready....I don't know if I can write any more about that T__T

I start Anatomy and Physiology tomorrow, then massage on Tuesday....I am soooo nervous, I hope it goes all right....I'm sure it will...I just worry too much.

Some crap happened here....I don't know if I can post about it and reopen the wound...I posted about it in one of the communities...and perhaps I will here soon. I love Nettie so much, I just want her to know that.

I hate yew.

*sigh* [17 Jun 2008|11:24pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

So...I don't know where to begin...

I know I haven't updated in so long, and I really apologize, not that I think anyone reads this and if they do then o__o wow!

I guess I will start here...My mom's dog mooshu died recently, he was a pretty black pug. I know he mostly stayed outside, but I did care for him.

What made me feel the most like shit is that she jumped on me, acting like it was my fault, what happened is that it was over a hundred degrees that day...Even in the shade. He is a black dog, that had breathing problems and no one was home to let him into the house >_<

Another thing, My dad took our oldest cat Peyte to the vet yesterday, and they did some blood work and felt her kidneys, thinking that's what it was....Turns out, she has liver cancer. -__- I have had that cat since I was nine and so, that makes her thirteen years old. She used to nurse me when I was sick and clean my ears...So, mom and I have been giving her an anti-nausea pill since she was throwing up and has gotten extremely bony as a result.

One more thing still, daddy had to take a new job..so he is always traveling, the first time he did it I had a nervous breakdown...I guess I need him more than I let on? or was it the stress? I literally thought about cutting and similar such things.

The second time, wasn't so bad, I felt really depressed, but he called a lot so it helped....He is out of town now, and I have been doing all right. Mom really misses him, but she has been dealing, and enjoying some silence.

He was getting onto my girlfriend really badly about getting a job, and it was driving her nuts...He seems okay, so we just don't mention it around him. xD Is that bad?

Another thing still--Yeah, yeah...She talks a lot...e_e Shove it.

I have been having to take a class for Expository writing, basically an essay class and we are writing all the time, on top of my job and on top of preparations for massage program itself...I have to take a math test soon, get CPR training, get a physical with six shots--including things like Hepatitis and Tuberculosis shots >_< Ugh, and the only appointment I could get, was for when Ryan is here...So, one day he and Nettie will have to wait till I get done with the doctor...as well as two days for school. So, she will get to see him more than I do :( As well as, our friend Samantha is supposed to visit for a day when he is here.

Maybe I have covered all or most >.>;

Anywho--See ya.


I hate yew.

Shit again what is new..... [13 May 2008|01:55pm]
[ mood | irate ]

So, here we go again more fucking shit that has pissed me off...work and this town in general.

They are threatening not to put me on the schedule this week cause I called out of work on Saturday...But, my brother was in wreck and I had to help my mom take him to the hospital.

And I got in trouble cause some customer twisted something that I said the weekend before.
was joking a said--"If I ever want a weekend off I would have to ask for it."---and they told the manager that I was plotting a way to get a weekend off without asking....and he took my calling in as my plot >_<

My dad has been out of town for 2 weeks...cause he got laid off, and had to get a new job where he has to run 3 states after he gets back--He will be home soon, but, he got shipped to Kentucky. I have been worried about him, even if he calls everyday.

My brother wrecked his car like 3 houses down from us the other night...and I had to call out on Saturday to help my mom carry him to the hospital...I hate this fucking town and I hate my job....After I am done with school and make enough money I am gonna try and move away...I can't take this shit much longer. >_<

Overly Stressed--Jessi.

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[16 Apr 2008|12:05pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Ugh What to say what to say...

Well, let's start off nice and easy...Bwahahaahaha what is that! ^^;;

Anywho, a lot of shit has been going on lately and it's starting to drive me up the fucking wall.

First off, I am having to seek my mothers help again, she agreed to pay for my tuition, as long as I keep paying for my car...Because, I don't have a lot left to pay on it, then of course I have to get my books for class, which I have learned my lesson...Get them offline because the bookstore will rape your ass -_-

So, the next thing on the agenda is keeping the girlfriend happy, which I know I have neglected to do as of late.

I am always busy, always tired, always too poor to take her on a date...But dammit I love that woman to the core of my soul. I would do anything for her.

Then, my parents are constantly on top of me about my orientation, but that is not going to get in the way of who I love. It seems like they cut my brother more slack, even though he had a drug and alcohol problem...In their eyes, that's not as bad as being gay.

Of course, as well, I have been working my ass off with school and work. I got a raise not too long ago, but it seems like I am making less money...-_- maybe because of the hours, but damn I am always in that place when I am not at school.

This coming semester doesn't look like it's going to be so demanding. I only have one class that meets 2 times a week. But, my work place will most likely find a way to rape all of my free time >.< I hate that place sometimes, but at least it is helping me through school as well, but it still seems like after my car payment and gas that I have nothing.

Random photo of my pug Misty, she has not felt well at all, she has had blood in her poo and stomach trouble. So, she is on a diet with pills and such, and she is not happy at all. >.>


I hate yew.

Le Woot! [03 Apr 2008|12:08am]
[ mood | busy ]

So, yeah I know I haven't updated in like forever.

Alot has happened, I bought myself a laptop with LAN with my tax return money, and got a wireless router today. :) I am so happy, now I can sit in my room and access the internet, it's great.

A customer at work backed into my car, crushed the fender in and broke the spindle. -_- Luckily she came into the store and admitted to it, we exchanged information and her insurance paid for it all. The good part about it is, I got to drive a Chrysler for three days, it was nice...a 2008 model. Sooo smooth. >.>

Been busy with school, getting ready for the summer semester...Such a headache, because I have to go to so many meetings and speak with so many people at the school.

I was doing bad in my entrepreneur course recently, but thanks to Nettie's help with my studying I got a 92 on my current test...I was so incredibly happy. ^___^

Everyone I am working with seems to be finding new jobs...not that I blame them, but it's just hard to see people go, once you really get to know them.

A friend of Nettie and I is joining the air force, I got so mad because I had put a note in at work to have this Saturday off to see him for the last time, until like 6 years.

My boss tore down everyones note but one girl, who seems to get special attention Ugh -_-
But, I talked to the assistant manager and she was able to get the day for me. I'm so glad.

I guess that is all for now. >.> laters.

I hate yew.

Christmas was good! [26 Dec 2007|01:30am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Had a great time with the family, even if they do bitch alot >.>


Harry Potter 5 on DVD-from my brother
Galaxy Angel vol. 1 and 2 DVD-from mom and dad
Happy Bunny PJs
Sweat pants and sweater set O.o
A fleece blanket mmmm seafoam
Lots of chocolate
Some bath stuffs
A sketch book and pencils
A sheet set
Fleecy booties ^^
A HIM CD but it was one I had so I have to exchange >< Poor Mom.
I think that is all from the family O.o

From Jo and Mike-Tales of the Abyss

From Net- An angel wing hoodie, a cinnamon orange bath set, and a pair of diamond earrings *blush*

From Gail and Kristen-a pretty sparrow necklace, and a scarf and glove set.

I loved all my gifts, thanks everyone!

I hate yew.

Sorry I haven't updated... [02 Nov 2007|04:41pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Went to the renaissance festival recently, that was alot of fun ^^ I like all the acting and gypsy shows :D

Have seen a couple of new movies recently...well new to me anyway...

-Mr. Beans Holiday
-Nightmare before Christmas in 3-D (not really new to me but the 3-D part was)

had a talk with my boss about why he may or may not like me...His answer was, "I don't like the fact that you put your schooling and everything else before your job" WTF >.< I am ready to be done with school so I can get a better job....

I am so aggitated, thats all I am gonna write.
Laters <3

I hate yew.

My personal feelings... [03 Oct 2007|09:23am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Ok so maybe it's just the way I am programmed to be, who really knows...

Lately, I have been more emotional towards things...Not like cry my eyes out all the time, but blow up at the smallest things.

I think alot of it is, I am usually at work or school, even though I only have one class a night for like four days out of the week. Even so, I feel like my life has been alot of run around. I get up early, I go to work, I leave work, I go to school, I come home, I do homework...And whatever else is in store, some of these things I don't mind doing. >.>

I guess feel this way because I have had to push my art to the back burner and am suffering because of it, because my art is my stress relief tool, I can't function properly...Because I am stressed, my art comes out bad. I feel as if I have lost something extremely close to me because I have neglected it so badly.

I know I probably sound like a dweeb but it is what is precious to me as well as the people around me, my art is like my child.

I have been thinking about a new job, weighing my pro's and con's, something that is closer to the school so that I have a little breathing time in between class. Not that I haven't made any friends, but I have only made friends in one class, I don't really think anyone likes me in math class...But it doesn't matter, I'm there to pass math it's a weak point I need to overcome before I can move on to what I really want to do...English is easy for me.

.....Anywho, back to the job thing, I am thinking about a new job for probably a few reasons. But the biggest one, is my current boss. He belittles me, he used to call me stupid until he got reported, I asked him one little simple question the other day and he blew up at me, A co-worker and I made lunch plans and he seemed to have decided he wanted to make it so that wouldn't happen...all because he didn't feel good...Well my family and I just got over a bought of food poisoning and do you see any of us flogging him over it.

That and I am tired to freaking double standards, if one girl does something like take her apron off cause it's hot she gets away with it, but the moment I do it they are on me like white on rice. >_<

My watch broke recently, so I decided to just buy a cheap new one that is pretty nice, it has a night light, timer, etc...and I got gas yesterday, somehow my account overdrew, so I guess I learned my lesson: Do nothing good for yourself, because bad things follow...This happens to me frequently.

Net's car busted up the other day, the one she just got from her grandpa it was just a cheap car that someone was personally selling, but even so. So she has to get a new one all over again, my car is fairly new a 2000 model that I just got and am still making payments on, and everytime something manages to get fixed that engine light is blaring oncemore. >.<

I guess I need to get ready to go into the hell hole, A.K.A. Work I am doing this in the few minutes of free time I have. I was up until 2 doing homework for math last night, because some girl felt the need to speak up that there was a whole other page full of problems that followed what we were studying -_- and she smiled so big afterwards. Oh well, I guess it is helping me learn on my way...Just breath and let it go.

Well Later...<3

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Birthday! [25 Sep 2007|03:07pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Monday was my birthday, but we decided to celebrate on Saturday since I had class.

Mom and Dad made Santa Fe Chicken, Quesadilla's, and Margaritas...that last one was Nettie's doing >.> she also got Butterscotch Snapps and Blackberry Brandy...yum.

For my birthday I got:
-From Jo and Mike- I got:
Tales of Legendia
-from Mom and Dad-I got:
Guitar Hero
Scrubs Season I
A pug Calendar
-From Bobby-I got:
HIM-Venus Doom
-From Nettie-I got:
My hair cut
Some really pretty clothes
some plum flavored Vodka
and a really sweet card <3
-and from work I got a free birthday cake.

All in all I had a really great 22nd birthday Thanks to everyone :D

I hate yew.

I guess I will finally update this thing :) [21 Aug 2007|11:27am]
[ mood | rushed ]

Alright so...I have been mega busy -_-

and also soooo stressed, I started my first class yesterday...Reading comprehension, and I start my other class today Essential Matematics...Both of which I have no books for.

I have to go and get my books today and that will cost me all of my check...again!!!!!!! I should be used to having no money by now but it hasn't sunk in yet.

I have been skipping car payments to pay for my college stuff and making double payments to catch up the following weeks...and gas so that leaves me like squat...-_-

So also my wisdom teeth have been trying to come in, and where my mouth is so small it has been under stress so my mouth broke out in painful sores I guess they are blisters or ulcers that hurt like fuck...I have had to put salt and mouthwash in them to make them go away and its a crippling pain that makes you want to burst into tears...I think they are almost gone. But that doesn't mean I won't get more of them. ~_~

So I have been a little difficult to get along with to say the least.

Also I have been working my butt off and I thankfully have a day off today.

I have been feeling like phoenix in Linkin Park at work lately...Although instead of "Phoenix! Phoenix! Where's Chester?!!" Its like "Jessi! Jessi! Where's Gail?!!" *whaps herself on the forehead* Blargh.

I guess thats all for now. T_T
~Jessi~ <3

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Randomness of the random minded one. [14 Aug 2007|01:20am]
[ mood | tired ]

Hello, I know I have not updated in like hmm 2 weeks judging by what my journal says LOL.

Well anywhos, my moms dog Cici had babies she had 6 2 girls and 4 boys, but the girls died during birth. :(

Mooshu had to get his eye taken out cause it ruptured poor pug, he gets his stitches out tomorrow and hopefully that atrocious cone LOL poor thing, he has been whapping me in the leg with it. >.>

Not a whole lot else has been happening, have been poor as hell, paid my tuition for the semester almost $400 for 2 classes argh. It will be worth it.

I hope.

Well I don't really know what else to put sorries.

oh P.S. I told one of my cousins about my girlfriend and she took it really well...I'm glad. :)

I hate yew.

Harry Potter......Number seven. [26 Jul 2007|10:17am]
[ mood | worried ]

Yes yes! I finally picked up my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I started reading last night, its so funny Nettie and Mom both read parts of the Epilogue trying to spoil it for me...But thats not as fun as reading the entire thing. o.o

I am a couple of chapters in so far...yeah yeah yah so I don't read as fast as everyone else but maybe I can avoid some spoilers from those pesky people that like to ruin things for others. >.> Thats annoying, stop being party poopers...Dumbledores death was already spoiled by alot of people for the sixth book.

Other than that, I have been slaving away at my job for what seems to be to no avail, because I have signed up for classes at a community college and will probably be dropped from the 2 classes that I have on my list cause I won't be able to get the money in time....because if I don't pay for my car they will take it away and all the payments that I have made will be SHIT.

I hope my FAFSA goes through soon, Nettie said she would help me. But I feel bad taking money. Even if I do pay it back to her, she has her own bills as well.

I don't know what I will do if I get dropped...Then I will have to do all this shit over again the next semester.

I hate being poor, I work so hard and never have any money. There I went and depressed myself again. Dammit. I made myself sick with stress the other day at work...I have been worrying about my FAFSA going through and I nearly barfed at my register.

On the upside Netties grandpa bought her a new car because her taurus's transmission went about a week ago and my mom had to get her where she was stranded and take her home. O.o So now her new car is small and cute but she is just complaining that it smells like mustard.

Ohwells. I guess that is enough ranting. Laters.


I hate yew.

Ryan Bear :) [06 Jul 2007|12:20pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Ryan is visiting this week with Nettie and I.

We have had a blast so far, we have rented movies:
-Blood and Chocolate (which we have yet to watch)
-Strangers with candy the movie (Eh the series is better but still funny)
-The Hamiltons (It was alright, different anyway)
-Pans Labyrinth (I loved it so much, even though it is in spanish)

We have gone out to eat alot, and loafed about talking about various topics of amusement.

My cat Marvin has developed a man crush on Ryan and won't quit following him an around and doing different things of adoration lol. He has also developed a foot fetish.

The week has gone well, all except for this morning...When my brother asked to borrow my car to go to work. I told him no and he threw a huge fit and told me to never ask him for anything again. Not that I do anyway, he acts like were here to do everything for him.

Nettie said it looked like he was just going to take my keys before we woke up and saw him in the doorway---dolt -.-

We are going midnight bowling, me, Ryan, Nettie, Daddy, maybe mom, JD and his boyfriend. I'm so excited :)

Today I think we are headed to bestbuy or the mall, We'll see.


I hate yew.

Strange dreams of the unexplained....lol not really though [07 Jun 2007|02:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Lately I have been dreaming about the strangest shit but it all amuses me to no end...The other night I had a dream about Harry Potter it involved one of my comic characters.

He was working with a wizard whose sole ambition was to see Voldemort piss himself naked O.O;; don't ask me where that came from, well anyway at one point in the dream Harry was spying on this powerful wizard through some sort of magical telescope and got caught, there was a blast of magic fired at him through the scope. Harry screamed like a little girl and fell to the floor, what really amused me was that snape was laughing his ass of at it. There was more to the dream but those were the funnier points.

Another dream I had last night was that I was Little Boy Blue and I was going to a girls academy, well I was in the bathroom and I heard someone crying. So I opened the stall to look inside and there was miss Muffet...except it was a burly man in a dress with a bonnet and the gaudiest shade of fuschia (sp? I'm having a brain fart) well anyway he was crying cause cinderella and red riding hood were making fun of him. So I assured him that all would be all right, then he got up and kissed me leaving the lipstick all around my mouth ewww. I tried to wash it off before the headmistress caught me, but then there she was, somehow she got it off ^^;;

Nettie in this dream was the little old woman in a shoe except she was young with alot of money and cats, somehow I got a hold of a transporter that took me to the second level of the school without taking the elevator or stairs, so I used that. After that the dream changed but Nettie was still in her shoe and Andrew and I had to bring her back to the side of good o.o I have a fucked up mind ^^ anyway I woke up when she pulled the rug out from under me and I smacked my head on the porch.

What craziness, Well I gotta get ready for work.

I hate yew.

goodness is the apple [05 Jun 2007|06:22pm]
[ mood | content ]

So Nettie and I went to see Andrew for 4 days.

We had so much fun, got to eat Sushi, go to the beach, see Andrew at his workplace ^_- play Guitar Hero with his friend Ashley (I'm addicted to that game now o.o)

We had a really great time, I hated having to come back. Nettie and I want to move to Wilmington now What a beautiful place I was amazed.

I miss Andrew already, and he has to move soon T_T but at least he will be in touch.

I know I'm making this an extremely short post but I am tired after the trip and working all day...So I know we had a great time.

Also Andrew has me loving some Metalocalypse lol wish my computer was fast enough to watch them, oh well ^^

Well I will put more later when I feel better. bye bye.


I hate yew.

Road Trip! [29 May 2007|10:59am]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Thursday the 31st we're heading down to visit Andrew in Garner! I'm excited we get to stay for about 3-4 days, have fun with our apple, explore Raleigh again, and hopefully go to the beach!

I'm really ready for this trip, I need to get out of this town and away from work for a while...I love my family too but I need a wee smidge of a break from them too.

The other day there was a blow up cause I needed daddy to fix the valve cover on my car it was cracked, that wasn't all apparently there was a hose burned shut which was causing it to suck up more gas than it should have. It's fixed now thankfully.

But the other day when I got home I said to daddy that my engine light was on, to which my brother chimed in "shops already full" *smirk*. It pissed me off so much daddy said that he wasn't going to do anything that day cause his arm actually wasn't hurting...which was fine, although he had promised to fix my car...Said he wasn't going to do a thing that day, and still went down and fixed my brothers friends car.

I told him "I didn't know that I had to make an appointment." So I got blown up at and daddy brought up my brothers drug problem...Ok what does this have to do with anything? I think they cradle him cause he has a problem. Daddy blew up at me about that too, I had a breakdown and cried my eyes out for I don't know how many times this week I've lost count.

Daddy apologised and all is cool with the family for now maybe...I hope.

Mom is stressed from work, I had a long week maybe 40 hours or over and lots of lack of sleep I am a tad caught up now I think. Even though I woke up this morning on my own at 7am Ah anxiety.

Haha well I hope this trip relieves some stress I need it BAD! see ya soon Andrew.


I hate yew.

Oi why does it only get worse. [22 May 2007|10:07am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

So after I made my last Journal post on the 17th and got off of the internet, My parakeet Juju was dying she couldn't stand although she was still alive.

So I held her close to me for a long time, she would freak out if I moved and her girlfriend Hana was trying to play with her...They would always eat together so when Hana started munching she wanted Juju to get up and do the same, when she didn't Hana would hop around her and groom her feathers. It was really sad.

When she finally died I took her out and buried her behind daddys shop, Now Hana is all alone.

I don't know what day Juju was hatched since I bought her from a store so R.I.P. Juju Day of hatching until May 17th, 2007.
The next day I was supposed to have a day off but they called me in cause, Gary had to leave for his back and momma had to fill in. I got some extra hours but I was depressed so it wasn't a good day.

This weekend mom was filling in for gary and he was gonna give her monday off, then without notice to anyone he quits his job...so mom has his job full time. The last time she did this she almost had to be hospitalized I am so mad.

In lighter news me, my family, and my Nettie<3 went to see Shrek the Third it was so good and so funny. I really wanna see Spider man but it was sold out completely.

Anyway mom has to find an assistant for her new job and they are giving her a raise, they damn well better. She said she has considered me for the job but didn't know how flexible I will be cause school is coming up in the fall. So we will have to see, if I do it that will mean a good raise.

So I feel good even though I am pissy, well I got a good nights sleep so it helps.

So we will see what happens, laters.

I hate yew.

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