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Oi why does it only get worse.

So after I made my last Journal post on the 17th and got off of the internet, My parakeet Juju was dying she couldn't stand although she was still alive.

So I held her close to me for a long time, she would freak out if I moved and her girlfriend Hana was trying to play with her...They would always eat together so when Hana started munching she wanted Juju to get up and do the same, when she didn't Hana would hop around her and groom her feathers. It was really sad.

When she finally died I took her out and buried her behind daddys shop, Now Hana is all alone.

I don't know what day Juju was hatched since I bought her from a store so R.I.P. Juju Day of hatching until May 17th, 2007.
The next day I was supposed to have a day off but they called me in cause, Gary had to leave for his back and momma had to fill in. I got some extra hours but I was depressed so it wasn't a good day.

This weekend mom was filling in for gary and he was gonna give her monday off, then without notice to anyone he quits his mom has his job full time. The last time she did this she almost had to be hospitalized I am so mad.

In lighter news me, my family, and my Nettie<3 went to see Shrek the Third it was so good and so funny. I really wanna see Spider man but it was sold out completely.

Anyway mom has to find an assistant for her new job and they are giving her a raise, they damn well better. She said she has considered me for the job but didn't know how flexible I will be cause school is coming up in the fall. So we will have to see, if I do it that will mean a good raise.

So I feel good even though I am pissy, well I got a good nights sleep so it helps.

So we will see what happens, laters.
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