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Road Trip!

Thursday the 31st we're heading down to visit Andrew in Garner! I'm excited we get to stay for about 3-4 days, have fun with our apple, explore Raleigh again, and hopefully go to the beach!

I'm really ready for this trip, I need to get out of this town and away from work for a while...I love my family too but I need a wee smidge of a break from them too.

The other day there was a blow up cause I needed daddy to fix the valve cover on my car it was cracked, that wasn't all apparently there was a hose burned shut which was causing it to suck up more gas than it should have. It's fixed now thankfully.

But the other day when I got home I said to daddy that my engine light was on, to which my brother chimed in "shops already full" *smirk*. It pissed me off so much daddy said that he wasn't going to do anything that day cause his arm actually wasn't hurting...which was fine, although he had promised to fix my car...Said he wasn't going to do a thing that day, and still went down and fixed my brothers friends car.

I told him "I didn't know that I had to make an appointment." So I got blown up at and daddy brought up my brothers drug problem...Ok what does this have to do with anything? I think they cradle him cause he has a problem. Daddy blew up at me about that too, I had a breakdown and cried my eyes out for I don't know how many times this week I've lost count.

Daddy apologised and all is cool with the family for now maybe...I hope.

Mom is stressed from work, I had a long week maybe 40 hours or over and lots of lack of sleep I am a tad caught up now I think. Even though I woke up this morning on my own at 7am Ah anxiety.

Haha well I hope this trip relieves some stress I need it BAD! see ya soon Andrew.

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