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Strange dreams of the not really though

Lately I have been dreaming about the strangest shit but it all amuses me to no end...The other night I had a dream about Harry Potter it involved one of my comic characters.

He was working with a wizard whose sole ambition was to see Voldemort piss himself naked O.O;; don't ask me where that came from, well anyway at one point in the dream Harry was spying on this powerful wizard through some sort of magical telescope and got caught, there was a blast of magic fired at him through the scope. Harry screamed like a little girl and fell to the floor, what really amused me was that snape was laughing his ass of at it. There was more to the dream but those were the funnier points.

Another dream I had last night was that I was Little Boy Blue and I was going to a girls academy, well I was in the bathroom and I heard someone crying. So I opened the stall to look inside and there was miss Muffet...except it was a burly man in a dress with a bonnet and the gaudiest shade of fuschia (sp? I'm having a brain fart) well anyway he was crying cause cinderella and red riding hood were making fun of him. So I assured him that all would be all right, then he got up and kissed me leaving the lipstick all around my mouth ewww. I tried to wash it off before the headmistress caught me, but then there she was, somehow she got it off ^^;;

Nettie in this dream was the little old woman in a shoe except she was young with alot of money and cats, somehow I got a hold of a transporter that took me to the second level of the school without taking the elevator or stairs, so I used that. After that the dream changed but Nettie was still in her shoe and Andrew and I had to bring her back to the side of good o.o I have a fucked up mind ^^ anyway I woke up when she pulled the rug out from under me and I smacked my head on the porch.

What craziness, Well I gotta get ready for work.
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