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Ryan Bear :)

Ryan is visiting this week with Nettie and I.

We have had a blast so far, we have rented movies:
-Blood and Chocolate (which we have yet to watch)
-Strangers with candy the movie (Eh the series is better but still funny)
-The Hamiltons (It was alright, different anyway)
-Pans Labyrinth (I loved it so much, even though it is in spanish)

We have gone out to eat alot, and loafed about talking about various topics of amusement.

My cat Marvin has developed a man crush on Ryan and won't quit following him an around and doing different things of adoration lol. He has also developed a foot fetish.

The week has gone well, all except for this morning...When my brother asked to borrow my car to go to work. I told him no and he threw a huge fit and told me to never ask him for anything again. Not that I do anyway, he acts like were here to do everything for him.

Nettie said it looked like he was just going to take my keys before we woke up and saw him in the doorway---dolt -.-

We are going midnight bowling, me, Ryan, Nettie, Daddy, maybe mom, JD and his boyfriend. I'm so excited :)

Today I think we are headed to bestbuy or the mall, We'll see.

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