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Harry Potter......Number seven.

Yes yes! I finally picked up my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I started reading last night, its so funny Nettie and Mom both read parts of the Epilogue trying to spoil it for me...But thats not as fun as reading the entire thing. o.o

I am a couple of chapters in so far...yeah yeah yah so I don't read as fast as everyone else but maybe I can avoid some spoilers from those pesky people that like to ruin things for others. >.> Thats annoying, stop being party poopers...Dumbledores death was already spoiled by alot of people for the sixth book.

Other than that, I have been slaving away at my job for what seems to be to no avail, because I have signed up for classes at a community college and will probably be dropped from the 2 classes that I have on my list cause I won't be able to get the money in time....because if I don't pay for my car they will take it away and all the payments that I have made will be SHIT.

I hope my FAFSA goes through soon, Nettie said she would help me. But I feel bad taking money. Even if I do pay it back to her, she has her own bills as well.

I don't know what I will do if I get dropped...Then I will have to do all this shit over again the next semester.

I hate being poor, I work so hard and never have any money. There I went and depressed myself again. Dammit. I made myself sick with stress the other day at work...I have been worrying about my FAFSA going through and I nearly barfed at my register.

On the upside Netties grandpa bought her a new car because her taurus's transmission went about a week ago and my mom had to get her where she was stranded and take her home. O.o So now her new car is small and cute but she is just complaining that it smells like mustard.

Ohwells. I guess that is enough ranting. Laters.

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