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Randomness of the random minded one.

Hello, I know I have not updated in like hmm 2 weeks judging by what my journal says LOL.

Well anywhos, my moms dog Cici had babies she had 6 2 girls and 4 boys, but the girls died during birth. :(

Mooshu had to get his eye taken out cause it ruptured poor pug, he gets his stitches out tomorrow and hopefully that atrocious cone LOL poor thing, he has been whapping me in the leg with it. >.>

Not a whole lot else has been happening, have been poor as hell, paid my tuition for the semester almost $400 for 2 classes argh. It will be worth it.

I hope.

Well I don't really know what else to put sorries.

oh P.S. I told one of my cousins about my girlfriend and she took it really well...I'm glad. :)
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