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Monday was my birthday, but we decided to celebrate on Saturday since I had class.

Mom and Dad made Santa Fe Chicken, Quesadilla's, and Margaritas...that last one was Nettie's doing >.> she also got Butterscotch Snapps and Blackberry Brandy...yum.

For my birthday I got:
-From Jo and Mike- I got:
Tales of Legendia
-from Mom and Dad-I got:
Guitar Hero
Scrubs Season I
A pug Calendar
-From Bobby-I got:
HIM-Venus Doom
-From Nettie-I got:
My hair cut
Some really pretty clothes
some plum flavored Vodka
and a really sweet card <3
-and from work I got a free birthday cake.

All in all I had a really great 22nd birthday Thanks to everyone :D
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