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My personal feelings...

Ok so maybe it's just the way I am programmed to be, who really knows...

Lately, I have been more emotional towards things...Not like cry my eyes out all the time, but blow up at the smallest things.

I think alot of it is, I am usually at work or school, even though I only have one class a night for like four days out of the week. Even so, I feel like my life has been alot of run around. I get up early, I go to work, I leave work, I go to school, I come home, I do homework...And whatever else is in store, some of these things I don't mind doing. >.>

I guess feel this way because I have had to push my art to the back burner and am suffering because of it, because my art is my stress relief tool, I can't function properly...Because I am stressed, my art comes out bad. I feel as if I have lost something extremely close to me because I have neglected it so badly.

I know I probably sound like a dweeb but it is what is precious to me as well as the people around me, my art is like my child.

I have been thinking about a new job, weighing my pro's and con's, something that is closer to the school so that I have a little breathing time in between class. Not that I haven't made any friends, but I have only made friends in one class, I don't really think anyone likes me in math class...But it doesn't matter, I'm there to pass math it's a weak point I need to overcome before I can move on to what I really want to do...English is easy for me.

.....Anywho, back to the job thing, I am thinking about a new job for probably a few reasons. But the biggest one, is my current boss. He belittles me, he used to call me stupid until he got reported, I asked him one little simple question the other day and he blew up at me, A co-worker and I made lunch plans and he seemed to have decided he wanted to make it so that wouldn't happen...all because he didn't feel good...Well my family and I just got over a bought of food poisoning and do you see any of us flogging him over it.

That and I am tired to freaking double standards, if one girl does something like take her apron off cause it's hot she gets away with it, but the moment I do it they are on me like white on rice. >_<

My watch broke recently, so I decided to just buy a cheap new one that is pretty nice, it has a night light, timer, etc...and I got gas yesterday, somehow my account overdrew, so I guess I learned my lesson: Do nothing good for yourself, because bad things follow...This happens to me frequently.

Net's car busted up the other day, the one she just got from her grandpa it was just a cheap car that someone was personally selling, but even so. So she has to get a new one all over again, my car is fairly new a 2000 model that I just got and am still making payments on, and everytime something manages to get fixed that engine light is blaring oncemore. >.<

I guess I need to get ready to go into the hell hole, A.K.A. Work I am doing this in the few minutes of free time I have. I was up until 2 doing homework for math last night, because some girl felt the need to speak up that there was a whole other page full of problems that followed what we were studying -_- and she smiled so big afterwards. Oh well, I guess it is helping me learn on my way...Just breath and let it go.

Well Later...<3
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