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Christmas was good!

Had a great time with the family, even if they do bitch alot >.>


Harry Potter 5 on DVD-from my brother
Galaxy Angel vol. 1 and 2 DVD-from mom and dad
Happy Bunny PJs
Sweat pants and sweater set O.o
A fleece blanket mmmm seafoam
Lots of chocolate
Some bath stuffs
A sketch book and pencils
A sheet set
Fleecy booties ^^
A HIM CD but it was one I had so I have to exchange >< Poor Mom.
I think that is all from the family O.o

From Jo and Mike-Tales of the Abyss

From Net- An angel wing hoodie, a cinnamon orange bath set, and a pair of diamond earrings *blush*

From Gail and Kristen-a pretty sparrow necklace, and a scarf and glove set.

I loved all my gifts, thanks everyone!
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