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Le Woot!

So, yeah I know I haven't updated in like forever.

Alot has happened, I bought myself a laptop with LAN with my tax return money, and got a wireless router today. :) I am so happy, now I can sit in my room and access the internet, it's great.

A customer at work backed into my car, crushed the fender in and broke the spindle. -_- Luckily she came into the store and admitted to it, we exchanged information and her insurance paid for it all. The good part about it is, I got to drive a Chrysler for three days, it was nice...a 2008 model. Sooo smooth. >.>

Been busy with school, getting ready for the summer semester...Such a headache, because I have to go to so many meetings and speak with so many people at the school.

I was doing bad in my entrepreneur course recently, but thanks to Nettie's help with my studying I got a 92 on my current test...I was so incredibly happy. ^___^

Everyone I am working with seems to be finding new jobs...not that I blame them, but it's just hard to see people go, once you really get to know them.

A friend of Nettie and I is joining the air force, I got so mad because I had put a note in at work to have this Saturday off to see him for the last time, until like 6 years.

My boss tore down everyones note but one girl, who seems to get special attention Ugh -_-
But, I talked to the assistant manager and she was able to get the day for me. I'm so glad.

I guess that is all for now. >.> laters.
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