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Shit again what is new.....

So, here we go again more fucking shit that has pissed me and this town in general.

They are threatening not to put me on the schedule this week cause I called out of work on Saturday...But, my brother was in wreck and I had to help my mom take him to the hospital.

And I got in trouble cause some customer twisted something that I said the weekend before.
was joking a said--"If I ever want a weekend off I would have to ask for it."---and they told the manager that I was plotting a way to get a weekend off without asking....and he took my calling in as my plot >_<

My dad has been out of town for 2 weeks...cause he got laid off, and had to get a new job where he has to run 3 states after he gets back--He will be home soon, but, he got shipped to Kentucky. I have been worried about him, even if he calls everyday.

My brother wrecked his car like 3 houses down from us the other night...and I had to call out on Saturday to help my mom carry him to the hospital...I hate this fucking town and I hate my job....After I am done with school and make enough money I am gonna try and move away...I can't take this shit much longer. >_<

Overly Stressed--Jessi.
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