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So...I don't know where to begin...

I know I haven't updated in so long, and I really apologize, not that I think anyone reads this and if they do then o__o wow!

I guess I will start here...My mom's dog mooshu died recently, he was a pretty black pug. I know he mostly stayed outside, but I did care for him.

What made me feel the most like shit is that she jumped on me, acting like it was my fault, what happened is that it was over a hundred degrees that day...Even in the shade. He is a black dog, that had breathing problems and no one was home to let him into the house >_<

Another thing, My dad took our oldest cat Peyte to the vet yesterday, and they did some blood work and felt her kidneys, thinking that's what it was....Turns out, she has liver cancer. -__- I have had that cat since I was nine and so, that makes her thirteen years old. She used to nurse me when I was sick and clean my ears...So, mom and I have been giving her an anti-nausea pill since she was throwing up and has gotten extremely bony as a result.

One more thing still, daddy had to take a new he is always traveling, the first time he did it I had a nervous breakdown...I guess I need him more than I let on? or was it the stress? I literally thought about cutting and similar such things.

The second time, wasn't so bad, I felt really depressed, but he called a lot so it helped....He is out of town now, and I have been doing all right. Mom really misses him, but she has been dealing, and enjoying some silence.

He was getting onto my girlfriend really badly about getting a job, and it was driving her nuts...He seems okay, so we just don't mention it around him. xD Is that bad?

Another thing still--Yeah, yeah...She talks a lot...e_e Shove it.

I have been having to take a class for Expository writing, basically an essay class and we are writing all the time, on top of my job and on top of preparations for massage program itself...I have to take a math test soon, get CPR training, get a physical with six shots--including things like Hepatitis and Tuberculosis shots >_< Ugh, and the only appointment I could get, was for when Ryan is here...So, one day he and Nettie will have to wait till I get done with the well as two days for school. So, she will get to see him more than I do :( As well as, our friend Samantha is supposed to visit for a day when he is here.

Maybe I have covered all or most >.>;

Anywho--See ya.

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