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Who I am aiming to be...>> haha

So I have been in the massage program at school for about five weeks or more now, I have to say that I love it.

I have found out things about myself that I didn't know were there before, I've learn to come out of my box and accept who I am and that my personality is a beautiful thing.

We've also been doing Tai Chi as part of the curriculum, which is probably something that I will continue doing, as it will help with massage and because it makes me feel better...Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

I have also come to find that I need to learn to let things go, that not everyone is going to like me...I need to accept them for who they are and accept myself for who I am...the world cannot be changed with negative thoughts and feelings.

I need to learn to focus more on my own needs, not to a point that becomes selfish, but to a point that I am happy. Cause it used to be that I was putting so much of myself into doing things for others, that I never had time to take care of myself or what I needed...I never allowed myself time to take a breath and do what I wanted.

As well, I am learning how to take better care of my physical and mental well-being as a way to make it through.

Yeah, it's tough. But, this is something that I have wanted for so long, and it is something that I intend to finish...So, Huzzah! I am on my way!
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